Success blog; / Mar 25, 2015



Oh, how important it is to be a visionary! One thing that I often tell myself is that I have to see it before seeing it, because that’s when I will see it. If I can see it in my mind, if I can envision myself doing something, then the only thing or the only person that can stop me from doing it is ME!

As CEO and president of Professional Translations Inc., I have grown to learn what it means to be a visionary when it comes to my business. I had to know what it meant to have sight, but no vision. Sight is the ability to see things as they are, and vision is the ability to see things as they could be. I’d like to go even a step further and define vision this way: Vision is the ability to see things as they SHOULD be.

When I started my business, I didn’t have all the people in place nor did I have all the money I needed, among other things! But one thing that I refused to do is let my sight disrupt the vision that I had! I envisioned my business as one of the top translation companies in the world. You see, I was able to envision the BIG picture and not the little photo that was staring me in my face.

Because I was able to see it, I knew that giving up was not an option for me–no matter how hard it seemed! But I could have easily given up. After being in business for one year, my company made only $125 for the ENTIRE year!! My sight showed me that I was in the red big time; however, my vision would not let me quit. I knew that this was my passion. I knew this would be my legacy. I knew that I couldn’t give up on my dreams.

Instead, I chose to revamp everything–from my logo design to my marketing campaign. By the end of the next year, my business went from making $125 to making well over six figures!

There are many of you who may be at that same phase in getting your business off the ground. If I can do it, then so can you. Begin to see things before you see them. Begin to journal what you envision. Include strategies and systems that you can put in place immediately. Look at your business and ask yourself if there is anything that you need to revamp or rebrand.

One of the issues that I faced with trying to get my business rolling after making very little money the first year was in the area of finances. I had put out so much money the first year and I didn’t get a return on it. So, what was a girl to do? I knew from the onset that moving forward, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to dump into my business again. I began to systematically strategize how I could accomplish this with little money. I learned to work with what I had until I was able to get what I wanted. As I began to make money with little money, I was able to invest more money back into my company. I had to use wisdom and knowledge to get this done.

Today, I have a successful company that’s on its way to making seven-figures with an in-house team that translates into well over 160 languages worldwide. Now, I have an even bigger picture than I originally started with. You can do it, too! Be the visionary of your business. Begin to see yourself in places you’ve never gone, doing things you’ve never done, making money you’ve never made, and having success that you never had! See the vision, write the vision, implement the vision, and you’ll soon find yourself living the vision!!

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