Success blog; / Jul 28, 2017

The Give Up Before the Come Up

Yep…it’s true. Before you can get to your divine destiny and your next level, THERE HAS TO BE A GIVE UP BEFORE YOU COME UP!

Jesus did it. Moses did it. Abraham did it. Paul did it. And now it’s your turn!

Doors are about to be open. Waves are being made. Divine connections are coming. New opportunities… breakthroughs……new level of faith……you’re tapping into your purpose like never before in this hour.

But before you come into the fullness of it, you have to give up something(s) or someone (some people).  Matter of fact, your next level is going to put a demand on it. You’re going to get uncomfortable with where you’re at if you haven’t already. Frustrated. Maybe have some type of anxiety, depression or fear…..but God is saying, now is the time to give up….so you can come up!

Jesus gave up his life. Moses gave up his fear. Paul gave up his attitude.  Jonah gave up running from God. The disciples gave up their jobs for ministry. Abraham gave up his family and friends.

What are you going to give up so that you can come up? The time is now. The only reason there is a delay is because God is waiting on you. You’re not waiting on Him. Remember that.

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