Success blog; / Nov 30, 2018

 The Craziness of LIFE 

{!firstname_fix}, listen….I have been counseling soooo many people these last few weeks who are going through so much!

Them devils are busy right now!

Look….. people are going through so many hardships. Marriages are under attack like never before. Finances are under attack. Many people are going through so much physically in their bodies. I have been getting calls, emails, and messages about being sick like never before!

Have you seen the news? People are dying of pneumonia, salmonella poisoning, the flu, etc.

It’s really crazy right now!

So what do you do in the midst of chaos?

What do you do in the midst of frustrations and fears?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do, and you think you’ve done all you can?

What do you do when it seems like no matter what you do, nothing seems to work??

Do it anyway! Do it again and again¦..and again!  Breakthrough happens when you do what is necessary no matter how long it takes to experience it!

That’s a Selah moment!

I shared this with my mentees in my Prophetic Gift Zone last night. They asked me what to do when you are walking in fear and trying to walk in faith, but fear seems to continue to overcome you.

I’ll say it again….. DO IT ANYWAY!

I think back over my life, and I realize that so many chaotic moments brought in a certain level of fear in me. Yep….FEAR! Fear can paralyze you….IF YOU LET IT! But listen…breakthrough always requires movement! So what did I do?? I moved in the midst of my fears. I did it anyway! And many times, I had to repeat what I was doing until I saw what I wanted to see! Until I got to my breakthrough…..doing nothing was NOT an option!

I’ll give you the perfect example…..I was afraid to have children because I was scared I was going to have yet another miscarriage! But, the faith on the inside of me told me to continue to do what was necessary so that I could one day see my breakthrough. And I did! Scared and all!! I did what was necessary continually until breakthrough finally manifested! Scared and all…..I did it!

I was scared to continue my business because I wasn’t making money, and I was scared I would be broke. But the only way to get to breakthrough…..I had to keep doing it…..scared and all! And my efforts took my company to making six figures!!

Listen, when chaos is all around you, you got to continue to do what is NECESSARY so breakthrough can manifest!

What’s necessary is never to let fear weigh you down and stagnate you! It’s just a test, and you can pass it if you don’t give up! That’s exactly what the enemy wants you to do!

Will you let him win? I’ll take faith over fear any day!!! That’s what will sucker punch the devil any day of the week!
You got this, {!firstname_fix}!

We’re in it to win it! Let’s do this!

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