Success blog; / Oct 20, 2017

The Blessing in the Brokenness!

Broken according to is “reduced to fragments; fragmented, ruptured; torn; fractured, not functioning properly; out of working order”.

One thing about being broken…you can still be used in the midst of the fragments, in the midst of things being out of order, and in the midst of being torn!  You can still be blessed!  And another thing about being broken, somebody needs your brokenness!

Check out Matthew 14:13-21.

Here we are with Jesus.  The situation is the issue of the broken bread.  He told his disciples to feed the people….check that out….he needed something to FEED the people….to nourish them, to strengthen them, to bless them!  Ok, so his disciples go and they get the bread.  Jesus then takes the bread- that which is whole- and He gave thanks for it and broke it!  Not only did He break it, but He gave thanks for its wholeness and its brokenness and its ability to be used for nourishment for the people!  You see Jesus saw it whole, but He also knew that He had to BREAK it in order for it to be a blessing!! Whew!!!

So what am I saying?

People can take your brokenness, and use it to be a blessing to their very own lives!

What you looked at as an issue, is actually a blessing for you and those around you!

Know this…..the Lord is giving thanks for your wholeness, but He is also giving thanks for your brokenness! For it is with your brokenness that you can now produce a blessing! If you hadn’t been broken, you would have limited your capacity to being used, to being blessed, and to you being a blessing to someone else!

The disciples gathered up the leftovers of the brokenness to show the miracle that was produced through broken pieces!

Don’t feel bad about your brokenness! It’s bringing you to a new level of blessings and breakthrough! Embrace the process. Embrace the journey.  Your miracle is at hand!

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