Success blog; / Oct 6, 2017

That’s Exactly What You Are!

So as a man thinketh so is he…Proverbs 23:7

I got a question. How have you been seeing yourself lately? What have your thought processes been like? Have you been struggling with negative thinking, doubt, disbelief, frustration, anxiety or even fears?

Are you giving the enemy too much time to play with your thoughts? How much authority have you been giving him lately?

You see, everything begins with a thought. Nothing just happens. A seed was planted in your mind at some point that eventually brought about a manifestation of your conscious or your subconscious thoughts.

Here’s a truth for you. Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re absolutely right whichever way you think. If you think you will or if you think you won’t….you’re going to be right about that one as well my friend. It’s all how you think.

What you believe becomes your reality. Your reality becomes your life. Your life becomes your truth unless you change the way you see it!

So, what exactly is your belief system manifesting in your life right now? Where are you mentally? Are you happy, sad, frustrated, etc? Think about it.

I said it before, and I will say it again. The way you think is the way your life will be. Change your thoughts and you change your life. Change your life and you change your destiny!

So, are you a destiny changer simply because you decided to change how you see things?

Here are a few tips on how you can control your thought patterns right now which will eventually change your life pattern:

1) Cause every negative thought to come unto the submission to the word of God. Don’t battle a thought with a thought! You’ll only feed it negativity! Battle that thought with the word of God which reveals truth about who you are and what God says you can do!
2) Denounce words that be not from God.
3) Speak those things that are not as though they were.
4) Cover them in prayer. Make daily declarations that these things shall come to past.
5) Believe God and relieve demons from your mental territory. Remember, you’re the one with the authority, not them!

Your mind is not in control. You are. Take charge of your thoughts, and take charge of your life. You WIN! Remember that!

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