Deshauna Jones- The Breakthrough Strategist

“Trish M helped me to become laser focused on what it was I needed to do in order to achieve my dream of becoming an international motivational speaker. It was her belief in me that pushed me to pursue my dreams. I applied the direction that she shared with me, and since then, I have launched the “You Are Beautiful Movement”, and became the CEO of “BeYou Institute LLC”. Trish definitely has what it takes to pull out all of the “fabulousness” that’s locked on the inside of you! Trish M will definitely help you pursue your dreams like never before. She will help you start your business or even take your current business to that next level. She did that with me, and she can certainly do it for you! My BeYou Institute is growing every single day. Trish has been an extreme help with that. Don’t miss out on partnering with this fabulous lady! She will certainly help you pursue your dreams and live your best life NOW!”

Rhonda Brown-Massey- Mass Elevation Training

“You have to see it before you see it. That’s one of the most profound things that Trish said to me upon me asking her to be my mentor. Trish encouraged me to take my desires for my own business seriously so that others could take me seriously. Today I am co-owner and CEO of Mass Elevation Training. Within 8 months of being in business, I now have over 100 virtual clients and 20 personal training clients that I train every week. In 8 months of operation, our company has made over $18K working on a part time basis. If she helped me, she can help you! Trish is definitely the right person to help your dreams become a reality!

Dr. Maranda Brown- Motivational Speaker

Every time I’ve had the privilege of hearing Trish M speak, I’ve been encouraged and empowered to maximize the moment I’m in. She provides information in such a way that you can pick up and run with it. Providing and implementing her strategies are a sure method to meet success. She walks the talk as an example of how to market yourself in multiple platforms and excel while you’re doing it!

Tracey Jackson- Senior Office Manager- Professional Translations Inc.

Being under the leadership and training of Trish M was one of the best decisions that I could have ever made for my life! She continues to pull the best out of me on a daily basis– gifts and talents that were locked on the inside of me. Being stretched and getting outside of my comfort zone is a daily practice for me. On my own, I never knew or imagined that I would be doing the things that I am doing now in business….nor did I imagine that I’d be going to places that I’m now going. My dreams are truly becoming a reality! I can truly say that now I have more confidence, and I’m standing taller knowing that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. I can now see things before I see them. She has pulled the true visionary out of me, and I’m excited about it! Connecting with Trish M could be one of the best moves you ever made too! She tells us constantly…we don’t have NEXT; we have NOW! Now is your time to connect with her and get ready to go to levels in your life that you never before imagined…Mind, Body, & Business!

Prophetess Tridina Jordan

Prophetess Trish Morrissette is a woman of God with a passion to pursue her God-given purpose. I heard about Prophetess Trish from one of my sons, who was a high school student of hers when she taught at Rutherford High School. His conversation when talking about, Mrs. Mo, as the kids called her, was always exciting, inspiring and full of motivation as he shared the stories about this awesome and cool Spanish teacher who always had time for her students. It was a couple of years later that our family met Prophetess Trish through church fellowship, and what a joy it has been knowing her! She has keen spiritual/prophetic insight concerning those that she comes in contact with. She will speak truth, and only what God shows her. Last year at a women’s conference that I hosted in May 2011, Prophetess Trish gave a word of prophecy to me about our ministry’s needs, and what she said came to past 5 months later, October 2011 to be specific and very precise. I love and support her in every business and ministry endeavor! Prophetess Trish is a woman of integrity, with a genuine love for people from ALL walks of life. It is truly God and her family that motivates her to “Become” all that she can be.

Co-Pastor Zenovia Andrews – Kingdom Agenda International Ministry

“Prophetess Trish Morrissette is one of the premier voices in Christendom today. She teaches profoundly, preaches prolifically, ministers prophetically, yet lives authentically. She brings a powerful Spirit-filled message that causes a deep desire to go higher in the Lord. No woman that sits under her teaching and preaching of the Word of God can remain the same. Some will be healed, some will be delivered, some will be empowered, some will be challenged, some will refuse to settle for average, but all will be better for the impartation. Her prophetic ministry has been confirmed and come to pass in many lives here at Kingdom Agenda International Ministry”.

Apostle Jocelyn Mathis

It is an honor and a privilege to have watched Prophetess Trish Morrissette, Chief Apostle in Training, blossom into an accredited Prophet. She has been consistent in her prophecies that have been, and are always on point. As her Mentor and Teacher, I’m overjoyed to have seen her growth that has prepared her for this next dimensional step in Ministry with an open door to the nations. (Jeremiah 1:5-12)
My desire is that God will bless Apostle Trish with Christ minded disciples, men-tees, supporters, and those who have a heart after God like herself. I pray that our Father would bless this Woman of Worth with a double Anointing that destroys the yokes of the enemy bringing healing to the sick, brokenhearted, and set the captives free. I know that she has and will serve the body of Christ as she has served God first and The Marketplace Ambassadors International School of Prophets in Love and Obedience. She is a daughter that has taken hold of the plow and won’t look back; she will move forward and see what the Lord has and will do in her life. This is truly a time where C.I. Trish Morrissette will now rise and shine as she goes forth in excellence as a marketplace Apostle and Prophet with No Fear in Jesus Name as I touch and agree with her in prayer…Amen. How beautiful are the feet are them who preach the gospel…Shalom (Roman 10:15)

Felicia Burkes

Prophetess Trish Morrissette, you are on fire!!! You have laser like abilities and definitely in tune with the voice of God!!! To never have connected with me, within 30 minutes of our encounter, YOU, this dynamic, fierce, powerful Woman of God spoke directly into my life only what The Lord could have revealed!!! To tell me my dreams, visions, goals, a piece of my passion and even my spiritual gifts without knowing me….it was nobody BUT God!! The fire of God is upon you and your prophetic anointing is heavier than any I’ve directly experienced!!! Discerning the voice of God and being obedient to His unction is undeniably your gift!!! Prophetess, you know how to ensure His presence and you obediently wait for The Lord to speak to you so that you may speak in a prophetic voice to others!!! My life is touched forever by you, and I’m excited as God reveals the things He’s confirmed through you!!! You clearly announced the call of God on my life!!! I pray incredulous, miraculous, ridiculous, and tremendous favor over your life, your family, your ministry, and everything you touch so that you may richly bless the nations!!! May HE forever prosper you!!! Every BLESSING!!! 1 Corinthians 2:9