Success blog; / Dec 29, 2017

Sometimes You Just Need a Do Over”!

Ok, so a lot of things went wrong this year….well maybe not a lot, but quite a bit didn’t go as planned.

Frustration, lack, anxiety, fear….oh and don’t forget a few fall outs with relationships.

But what about the drama on your job, in your church, or in some of those relationships?

And the business that was suppose to get started…..the book that was suppose to be written, the money that was suppose to be saved, the house that was suppose to be bought, the marriage that NEVER took place (or engagement for that matter), the heart that was NOT suppose to have gotten broken…..

Yeah, sometimes you just need a “do over”.

2018 is coming in. Write a new vision. Make it plain, but don’t worry….in 2018….THIS TIME, you’re going to see things manifest like never before!

So, don’t be afraid of your “do over” cause that’s when you get to “start over” and God can cause your new beginning for 2018 to manifest….you know…..that place, time and season where you begin to see your dreams and visions become a reality! Yeah…that place!! Just hold on. Keep the faith. Keep pursuing destiny. Your 2018 is about to be phenomenal! Just simply give your “do over” a chance! #Selah

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