Fashion blog; / Oct 21, 2015

Simplicity with Trish M


Hi Fabulous!
Sometimes it does hurt to get back to the simple things in life….enjoying family, friends….just the whole nature of what God has blessed us with. Life can get hectic and go at a really fast pace, but it doesn’t hurt to just slow down, breathe, let go, and let God have his way. Getting back to the basics of life can sometimes be the best thing that you could ever do. Don’t let anyone steal your joy…don’t ever let any situation rob you of your happiness. Despite it all, learn to have joy deep down on the inside of you that no one or nothing can ever take away from you. Let the joy of the Lord give you strength and peace in the midst of any storm! I’m embracing this wondeful breeze…..taking in the very essence of God’s peace. The wonderful look that I’m wearing is a simple dress that I got from Ross for about $5. I thought it was a great deal! Simple, but yet chic! Getting back to the simple things of life is not a bad idea. Have a fabulous day guys! 🙂
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