Fashion blog; / Apr 6, 2018

Shabby Chic Kimono With Trish M

Hello Fabulous Ladies! Decisions…decisions….decisions….life is all about decisions! Today, has been a wonderfully busy day with work, but you know I always make time to meditate on some of the decisions that I have to make! You know the ones like what to wear! lol! Well on today, I couldn’t decide which kimono to pair with my look. Black was cute, but I am bold in personality, so bold colors get me every time! I’m rocking out in one of the new arrivals from my boutique, Trish M. Ladies, this is our Shabby Chic Kimono that comes in 3 different colors…black, berry or turquoise. Well, I must say that my end result….. I ended up liking the turquoise the best!!! I thought it was going to be pink!! Ladies, which do you prefer????

If you like this look and want to ROCK out in it, then make sure to check it out on our site at

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