Fashion blog; / Apr 6, 2018

Sade Remix With Trish M

Today was slightly different for me. I woke up not feeling my best, but after my time of getting in the word of God, meditating and praying, I felt refreshed and ready to conquer my day! One thing that I know how to do is perservere. The enemy wants to see us down and out, and certainly not fullfilling our purpose. We have to show him that we’re some heavyweights when it comes to this thing called LIFE and walking in all God called us to be!

So, I got up and went straight to my closet for some Trish M fabulous fashions!! Today, I chose to remix our Sade Pants Set by simply just wearing the duster with some jeans and a camisole. It turned out super cute! Love it! If you want to rock out in this look, then check it out at With this look, you’ll feel like conquering your day too and not let your day conquer you! Let’s get it ladies!! #TrishM #FashionAndFaithCollide #PropheticStrategist #WomaninMinistry #WomaninBusiness #motivation #inspiration #love #KingdomGirlsRock #letsgo

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