Fashion blog; / Oct 21, 2015

Red Cape with Trish M


Hi Fabulous! Have you ever felt like you had to put on a superhero cape to take on your day? Well I certainly have! On this day in particular, I knew that I was going to be pulled in many different directions to aid, assist, and direct. In my mind, I told myself to prepare for it. As I began to think about what I was going to wear, I said you know what…..since I put on my cape mentally, might as well add a physicall touch to what I was thinking in my head! lol! So, that’s what I did! This was a wonderful day, yet busy! It was the grand opening of our church! How exciting was that! Now, this isn’t exactly how I wore the dress. I actually didn’t wear the belt or the black heels. Instead, I had NO belt on and I wore nude heels instead. Either way, I liked the look. I wore my cape and became a super shero in my head! It worked!!!! 🙂

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