Success blog; / Dec 16, 2016

Protect your BREAKTHROUGH!!!

As I was meditating the other day, the Lord gave me in my spirit that 2017 was going to be a year of great breakthrough! Many are going to experience breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough in so many areas of their lives. I posted in my group for my prophetic mentees this…… “Whatever you are believing God for in 2017, write it down as your vision and declare that your breakthrough in 2017 SHALL manifest in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua the KING! Believe and so shall you receive!”

This is a word that will stir many of us up; however, I have come to also tell you today to protect your breakthrough! What exactly do I mean by that?? Well, I’m glad you asked.

One of the things that I say all the time is…..see it before you see it, cause that’s when you’re going to see it! So, see your breakthrough in the spirit right now. When you can see it, God can manifest it in the natural for it.

No matter how long it takes, DECREE IT UNTIL YOU CAN SEE IT!! That’s one way that you can protect your breakthrough. I don’t care what your natural eye may show you, I want your spiritual eyes to NEVER lose sight of the promise! Decree it, believe it and soon you shall see it!

Another way to protect your breakthrough is….don’t allow yourself to get in situations that will put you outside of the godly character that God has given you. What I mean is….don’t let anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and any type of frustration cause you to get out of character. When you’re around someone that’s stressing you more than they’re blessing you….it’s time to walk away from the party and let them have all the fun arguing, drinking, smoking, fornicating, lying, cheating, etc….whatever it is…..if it’s not of God, then quickly decline their invitation to fuss, cuss, fight, have fear, doubt and disbelief etc. Why?? BECAUSE YOU’RE BELIEVING GOD FOR TOO MUCH IN THIS SEASON OF YOUR LIFE! If you’re believing God to breakthrough for you, then don’t you think you need to position yourself for Him to do it?? Don’t hang around anybody or any situation that will cause you to be disobedient to God. Sometimes you have to sacrifice relationships, environments, situations etc….all so that you can walk wholeheartedly in the obedience of God. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

God wants to breakthrough for you, but YOU also have to breakthrough. Protect your breakthrough. Protect your anointing. Get away from situations or things that will cause you to get out of character. Get away from situations or things that will cause you to lose sight of the promise. Get away from the people or things, that will cause God to say that you’re not ready yet, so the breakthrough gets delayed. God can do it, but it’s up to you to protect it. #Selah

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