Success blog; / Feb 1, 2019

Prophetic Release for the USA & the People

I’m not sure if you listened to my Prophetic Monday LIVE a few weeks ago on FB, but it was a really important one!

I won’t go back over everything in this blog, but I will include a link for you to go and listen to it in this newsletter.

The LIVE was all about investments. It’s something that I talked about before in the blog, but the FB live went a lot more in depth. I want to reiterate a few things that the Lord gave me prophetically for this nation and for His people.
The USA is going to go through a great famine. Yep, I hate to say it, but it is. We are still under the judgment of God for the sins that are in the land. God is displeased with many things that are taking place in the US today. There is a great famine coming to this land like never before (in simpler terms- it’s a great recession). As God was giving it to me, He reminded me of the word that Joseph gave based on a dream interpretation….you know….where he said there would be 7 years of abundance and 7 years of famine. Now, God didn’t give me the exact same thing….meaning the 7 years of this and the 7 years of that; however, He did tell me to prepare His people for it.

A great drought is coming, and God wants you to be ready. That’s why investments are important in this hour.

You need to self-invest. That’s first and foremost. When you get better, your business, your ministry, your life etc….everything around you does too. That includes your finances. I’m doing self-investments like never before! I’m paying for mentors, conferences, seminars, etc. I’m putting myself in a position of being prepared like never before! My businesses are growing. I’m positioning myself to be a greater financial influencer like never before! You know why? Because God said it! He told me that when we do this, this will help position us to be lenders and not borrowers when that time comes.

Not only did God tell me about self-investments, he also gave me different ways to save and store up. Listen, if you haven’t started saving anything, now is the time to do it! Trust me…you will thank me in the end! Every week, put back something. I don’t care how much it is. In the years of abundance, Joseph told the king to save. We have to take that same principle! There are many different accounts that you can use to save up. I just need you to do it…from retirement, to regular savings, business savings, annuities, etc….find you something to store up.
God is telling us that if we follow His instructions, we will position ourselves to be lenders and not borrowers.

This is serious!

I hope you’re listening. This will be a reality sooner than we think.
To hear the full video on this message, click the link below.

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