Success blog; / Feb 14, 2020

Procrastination is a BEAST!

It’s coming for you. It’s trying to stop everything that God wants you to do in this season of your life. The question is….will you let PROCRASTINATION win?

Think about all those wonderful ideas, plans, next-level dreams and visions, projects, etc. that you have in mind to do. What keeps stopping you? Are you distracted easily? Do you find other things to replace what you’re really supposed to be doing?

Don’t let procrastination stop you this year. You got too much that has to get done. You have too many dreams to let them fall away as merely fantasies. Your dreams will become realities, but you can’t let PROCRASTINATION get the best of you.

You want to know why? Let me give you a few reasons:

1) You have a purpose and a gift to share.
2) Your time is valuable. It’s one thing you can never get back. Don’t waste it on fruitless things.
3) People need what’s on the inside of you.
4) Your “why” is depending on you to WIN.
5) You can’t let the enemy rob you of what’s rightfully yours.

It’s simple. Procrastination is a beast, but you’re the real MVP if you overcome it! Now get up. Go out. Win with purpose today. #Selah

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