Success blog; / Apr 28, 2017

Prayer is a MUST!

We need to pray like never before. There is a very dark spirit hovering over the US. This nation is in a lot of trouble. I see a great deal of death all around us. I see strategic attacks….wars, terrorism, fatalities…they are here! The celebrity deaths…names are going to get bigger this year and shock and awe many people. Suicides will be at an all time high.

Wars are coming against us like never before. Terrorist attacks are on the rise.

Pray for churches all over. I prophesied to pray for mega churches in 2016….those known and unknown churches because I saw terror attacks coming. A few weeks ago on Palm Sunday, 2 churches were bombed.

As I was outside yesterday, I heard the spirit of the Lord ask me what I saw. I began to look around. The sun was out. Not bright but it was out. The Lord focused my attention on the clouds. There were many gray clouds all around…some darker than others. He began to minister to me that gray clouds were coming like never before. Gray clouds/ dark clouds are a result of storms. Storms can be mild or very severe. What God has shone me is that there are severe storms of all kinds getting ready to hit this nation and this world. Brace yourself. This is going to be a very challenging year.

Decisions are being made in the White House which are about to change the family dynamics. Lives are going to be lost at a great magnitude. Countries will war and deceive the US like never before because of our President. There is too much inconsistency in the White House. There is too much of a bullying spirit that has taken over. Many are looking at the US as though we can’t be trusted anymore. We are wild….unpredictable……and unstable. Strategic plans are being made to wage war against us. The US is positioning itself to be a slave to another nation.

We are under an even greater judgment than we know. Sin has abounded even the more which means judgment on this nation has gone to a greater level. Pray people of God!

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