Fashion blog; / Mar 24, 2016

Pink Jumper With Trish M

Hi Fabulous! It’s time to bring back this pink jumper! Yesssssss!! Everytime I see these, I think of “hammertime”! lol! These things have trended within the last few years and they’re still going. I’m enjoying them. They’re loose and very comfortable. If worn right, they can also be very stylish. Ladies, don’t be afraid to step out of your box when it comes to fashion. I do it all the time. Majority of the time, it works out really well, but sometimes you can hit a “um, no ma’am that aint it moment”! Lol! But the beauty of it is….you’ll never know how it will turn out unless you give it a try! Remember thatÂ đŸ™‚

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