Success blog; / Oct 23, 2015

Overcoming It All (Exert from Faith in a Barren Land by Trish M)


I am an overcomer! I choose to overcome! Quitting is NOT an option and I choose for it to NOT be in my vocabulary! Often times, it’s so easy when the going gets rough, to just let it go; to give up and to give in when things just aren’t going our way. Many times, we may think, “well, on to the next thing since this one didn’t work”. We don’t realize that the very thing that we choose to give up on could be the very thing that God wants us to get through and overcome so that we can get to that next level of blessings and breakthroughs. I often time say that we live in a world where we as the body of Christ want a microwave blessing; we put it in, and within a matter of minutes it’s ready. We don’t want to go through the God ordained process that could include difficulties, loss, heart ache, frustration, and sometimes even pain. We fail to realize that our very own trials and tribulations of life are not for us. It’s to help somebody else. We are to open up our mouths and share what God has done for us, how he brought us out, how we made it… so that the next man or woman can get the help and encouragement that they need.

So now, ask yourself, “do I have what it takes to overcome”? There is no question that adversity and setbacks will come in life. How you handle them makes all the difference between success and failure. When complications, obstacles or unexpected circumstances appear to block your path, you must be equipped with resourcefulness and perseverance to solve each problem. Being determined to find a way over, under, around or through the obstacle requires perseverance! It requires you to NOT give up, to not give in. You can move mountains one truckload at a time if your level of resolve remains strong. You have to understand that you are not going to find meaning in your life from the challenges, but you will find meaning in your life when you overcome those challenges.

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