Success blog; / Nov 4, 2016

Open up your ears!! There’s a PROPHETIC sound!

There’s a sound in the atmosphere! That sound is producing a shaking that’s breaking up the fallow ground! That fallow ground is the hardness of the heart, the sin that’s protruding the atmosphere, the hatred that’s brewing in the hearts of God’s people, and the evil that’s penetrating the earth.

This sound is a sound like no other! It’s the sound of the voice of God speaking to those who have a prophetic ear to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying in this time, season and hour.  Oh, can you hear the sound?

There is a rise of the uncommon man. He’s taking his rightful position in the earth.  The rise of prophetic ears and prophetic voices to see, hear and speak like never before is breaking forth throughout the earth! The rise is here, but I have a question….can you see it?  Are you maturing your spiritual ears to hear what the Lord is saying?  It’s a NOW time, to activate your NOW faith, to walk in your NOW calling to bless some NOW people! Are you ready?  The picture is much bigger than you, my friend.  People around the world are in need of your anointing.  People within your own house are in need of you! Are you ready?

Let he who has an ear, hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying! God needs you to rise up! We are in some very trivial times.  God needs the sleeping prophets to arise!  He needs you to grow, develop and walk in spiritual maturity like never before! Can you feel it in the atmosphere?  Can you feel it in your spirit?  If so, then it’s time for you to rise Elijah! Elisha is in need of what God has placed on the inside of you!

I am determined to see God’s prophetic people rise up and WIN against the wiles of the devil! He wants to keep you in limbo with your anointing.  He wants you to be stagnant. He doesn’t want you to go into deeper realms of the prophetic! It’s time out for hearing and seeing on the surface! Are you ready to be one that can hear, see and know the root of a matter?? It’s time!

My program, “The Prophetic Gift Zone”, is still enrolling. Classes start January 2nd.  As you know, the early bird special is still on for a limited time at $57 which is the lowest it will be.  All I know….is that it’s time for you to invest in YOU! I want you to really know and understand that we need what God has put on the inside of you.  I want to mentor you and help you! Give me 12 months……you won’t regret it! Don’t believe it??  Then see what others have said about this program!

And hey….if you haven’t taken my 3 FREE classes for “Prophetic 101”, then click below to register to take them.  They’ll come straight to your email.

If you know you’re ready to get in at the EARLY bird rate, then stop delaying! You know God has called you to do this. Just be obedient to His spirit because obedience is so much better than sacrifice!

You have a prophetic ear.  Let’s go deeper.  REGISTER TODAY!


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