Success blog; / Oct 23, 2015

No Pain, No Gain


Let’s face it. Nobody wants to go through pain. It hurts…whether it’s physical pain, mental pain, financial pain or even emotional. The struggle is REAL for many of us. One thing that I have learned over the years….If I am going through hardships or a struggle of any kind, I know that God is about to do something absolutely AMAZING!!! I also know that the longer that I focus on my struggle, the longer it will take for me to get to my breakthrough. I can’t let my struggles defeat me. I have to think positive…be my biggest cheerleader…tell myself that I’m going to get through this no matter what it looks like. This is one thing that we have to remind ourselves of on a daily basis. Many can’t do that. That’s why we have some many people who are depressed or even suicidal. You have to remember that the pain, the struggle, the hardships that you are going through right now is only temporary. Begin speaking to your atmosphere that you are an overcomer. This situation might shake you up a little bit, but it won’t break you! Greater is coming! We have to believe that without a shadow of doubt….GREATER IS COMING!! Declare your greater…whatever it is. What miracle are you believing God for in this season of your life? Can you see it being made manifest? You have to see it before you see it, cause that’s when you’ll see it. I say this all the time. You have to have faith to know….…it’s yours!! Your finances, your health, your mental state, your wellbeing……It’s yours! Just know that this small thing that you’re going through is nothing for our BIG God to handle!

The Word of God tells us in II Timothy 2 that we must endure hardships as a good soldier. A good soldier will fight until the end. Giving up is not an option. We must go through the pain, the hardship, the struggle so that we can achieve all the gains that God has for us. Not only that, but God gives us specific instructions in the midst of our going through. He says in Romans 5:3-5 More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.
I know that in all my going through, it’s building me up for something GREATER, something FABULOUS, something AWESOME….. My eyes may not be able to see it at that very moment, but my faith does. My faith is bigger than my struggle! My faith is bigger than any obstacle! My faith is bigger than my issue! Yours should be too. You’re being built up right now for something greater. You’re being challenged right now for something bigger. You’re being hurt right now for something extraordinary to be made manifest in your life. Endure the pain as a good soldier so that you can receive the gain that’s about to knock at your door!

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