Success blog; / Mar 6, 2020

Next Level FAITH

Your next level is going to require FAITH. Matter of fact, I’m going to let you know right now that if you really want next level, then it’s a must that you go to the next level in your faith! You have to faith it till you see it! One of the things that the enemy is doing is putting a spirit of “maybe” in people around the world. When you add “maybe” to your faith, you’re second guessing your NEXT! “Maybe it will…maybe it’s not….maybe I don’t…..maybe this isn’t it….maybe I missed it….maybe…maybe…maybe…maybe this is not the time nor season…maybe I should wait”…..and on and on and on. We find an excuse as to why next level isn’t happening right now.

I’m here to charge your faith! “Maybe” is not good enough in this season! You got to know that you know! So here are 7 ways to go to the NEXT level in your faith:

1. Next level Word- Find you a scripture that speaks to where you are going, what you are believing, and what you expect to receive! Find it. Declare it. Decree it daily. Make sure you BELIEVE it!

2. Next Level Prayer- Go to the next level in your prayer life. If you want it, then you got to keep praying over it. Don’t give up.

3. Next Level Giving- Sow to where you want to go. Find a person, business, company, etc…that’s doing what you want to do on a whole different level.

4. Next Level Prayer- (For Others) Those you got ought with. Those you love. Those who are at the next level you want to be. Those who you are inspired by…..pray for them!

5. Next Level Activity- Do the Work! You want next level, then you got to work for next level. PERIOD.

6. Next Level Forgiveness!- You hold up your blessings and open the door for curses when you don’t forgive!

7. Next Level of Passing Tests- They’re Coming! God will send tests just to make sure you’re ready….for real! If you keep failing the same test…’ll never get to the next level of what you’re believing God for.

Consider all of the above. I challenge to work on every single one of those. When you do, watch how your life changes! Watch NEXT LEVEL show up like never before. #Selah

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