Fashion blog; / Oct 21, 2015

Maxi Me with Trish M


Hi Fabulous! This day marks the beginning of a new journey, a whole new world, a new endeavor……Well, after the grand opening of our church, this past Sunday marked the first day of my new weekly “norm”. Wow….imagine that! I can tell you….I feel a sense of peace….a trust in knowing that God has me every step of the way! As if my to-do list wasn’t already long enough!! lol….I’m learning to embrace all that God has for me. At the same time, I’m learning to let go of things that I mentally had for me. I know that in this season of my life, I have to be really focused on the plans of God, and not the plans of Trish! Whether we know it or not, our desires sometimes don’t line up with the desires of God, and if we pursue them, we’ll only find ourselves broken, miserable, and tired! In the end, it won’t be worth it! I choose to trust God every step of the way, knowing that greatness is before me! In the midst of that, I choose to look and feel good all at the same time. My thrifted dress had me feeling fabulous and girly all at the same time. And guess what??? All for about $6!!! Now isn’t that fabulous!!!! 🙂 All I can say….I’m a blessed woman of God!

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