Success blog; / Feb 29, 2016

Lose Your Mind!

Ok…so let’s talk about this. I preached a sermon recently on how it’s important for the body of Christ to lose it’s mind so that we can gain the mind of Christ. What exactly does that mean? That means that you have to rid yourself, give up, stray from and leave far behind the carnal ways of thinking so that you can begin to see yourself as Christ sees you. Don’t allow depression, fears, doubts, and insecurities to cause you to miss this next powerful move of God. You have to see yourself as that person that God has declared you to be! You can’t be afraid to step out on faith and simply DO YOU! It’s time! You have been sitting and waiting for far too long! Stop making excuses! The perfect timing will never come, but the NOW timing is here and yours for the taking!

I shared my testimony of how God spoke to me prophetically about being a millionaire. When He did, I chuckled in my spirit thinking that it was kind of ludacris! God quickly told me that I had a spirit of Sarah….when He told Sarah He was going to bless her with a child in her old age, Sarah laughed! How could this be? She’s old, right?? Well, that’s exactly how I was thinking! How could this be?? I’m just a school teacher! But we have to remember, once we step out on faith, that’s when God opens up doors and pours us out blessings we don’t have room enough to bear! That’s when uncommon favor meets us at our door! That’s when new opportunities come into our existence. You simply have to see yourself as God sees you! God sees you with the desires of your heart, but do YOU see it? You simple have to lose your mind so that you can get all that God has for you! It’s time out for “saying” you are going to do things. It’s now time to DO. Don’t let your mind keep you in a place that God never intended for you to be. See that thing before you see it, and watch God manifest your dreams as you step out on faith and simply DO YOU! #LoseYourMind #Selah

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