Success blog; / Oct 23, 2015

Letting Go


Letting go can be so refreshing! It can take that weight off that you have been carrying for oh so long. Carrying around extra weight can be depressing, stressful, tiring, and can also cause a great deal of frustration. We have to learn to let go of our past…..whether it be actions, issues, relationships, etc. One thing that I often tell people is to not allow their past to dictate their future! God has so many great things in store, but we must choose to first let go of the junk that’s in our trunk, and allow God to fill it with precious jewels. We need to understand our worth…the worth that God has put on the inside of us. We are precious in the sight of the Lord, but many feel insecure about that. They think of all their past mistakes, all the terrible things that happened to them, the number of times or ways that they have been hurt, etc. You can’t look to the future, if your mind is still in bondage of past issues and mistakes that were made. So why is it so important that you NOT limit your future by holding on to your past?

1) You can’t change what happened, whether you did it or whether someone did it to or against you. One thing that is critical in letting go is the ability to forgive not just others, but to forgive yourself as well. Many of us need to take the time to ask ourselves that one particular question….”Have I forgiven me?” Forgiving yourself is not an option. It’s a MUST. If you don’t forgive yourself (or anyone else for that matter), then you allow yourself or others to keep you in bondage, and miss out on all the wonderful blessings that God had in store. Now ask yourself….is it worth it????

2) Things will never be the same. Don’t recreate your past. It happened. Move on cause you got NOW! Don’t allow your mind to create an atmosphere of unforgiveness. Once it’s created in the mind, it now shifts to the heart. Change your mind, and you can change your life!

3) There is only NOW to focus on. Don’t allow your thoughts to shift to a past dimension. Focus on the here and now. Do what you can now to make sure that your past mistakes or issues…..will not become a present mistake or issue. You learn from your past; you don’t recreate your past. Move forward with no regrets!

You are the key. Will you choose to let go and let God have His way…….Or, would you prefer your way? Renew your mind TODAY, and let your past be just that….THE PAST!!!

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