Success blog; / Jun 23, 2017

It’s Your MOVE!

What will you do? How will you make it happen? The ball is in court. You have decisions to make. What will you decide? Will everything have to be a certain way before you do it? Or, will you simply decide to trust God?

Your next move will be your best move.

Do you believe it?

Oftentimes, we worry about how it’s going to happen. My husband preaches all the time that “how” it’s going to happen is not up to you. God just needs you to do what He told you to do and the rest will play itself out all because of your faith and obedience to God!

I know….it may seem a little scary, but God has already equipped you, but at the same time, FEAR is trying to strip you! Insecurities are trying to shake you! Finances seem like their trying to break you! But all God wants is a “yes” from you in the middle of all that!

Your next move simply needs to be a “yes”. Surrender to God. Do what you know He is telling you to do!

Your next move….LET IT BE A FAITH MOVE! Trust God. Trust the process. Everything else will work itself out! Your next level is waiting on YOU!

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