Success blog; / Jun 2, 2017

It’s Right There!!

Have you ever been looking for something and couldn’t find it?  It’s like….you just put it down, and you’re going in circles trying to figure out its location.  The harder you look, the less likely it seems that you’ll find it. And the whole time you’re like…”now I know it can’t be far….it’s got to be here somewhere”.  Just when you looked all over the place, you find that it was in an area that was right in your face that whole time….you just didn’t see it!

That happened to me the other day. I came in my house and put my purse on the dining room table.  I then went into the kitchen, went into my office, and got up because there was something that I needed out of my purse.  So, I got up to find the thing that I needed at that very moment. I went into my foyer to check the table that’s at the front door. Nothing.  Walked down the foyer until I got to my kitchen. Looked all around. Nothing. Passed through my kitchen to my dining room. Nothing (or at least I thought). Came back into the office. Nothing. I began to say….”Now Lord, I only came to a few places in this house when I got here, and I remember bringing my purse in. What in the world is going on?”.  I sensed in my spirit to look again. I did the exact same thing as before, but this time, when I got in my dining room, I actually stopped and looked good.  Right directly in front of me was my purse!! Yessssss!!

I said that to say this…the Lord began to minister to me…sometimes we can go in circles for that thing that we need the most, and it’s directly in our face! Somebody needs to look again because your blessing is in your face! It may be connected to a person, a ministry, a church, a job, a situation that you might not like but you’re going through…yep! There’s provision there. You just keep overlooking it!

Don’t think that where you’re at right now has no increase, favor, open doors, golden opportunities, etc.  You see frustration right now, but God sees increase.  You see problems right now, but God sees solution.  You want to run right now, but God says stay right there and look again!

When the king was coming against Elisha (2 Kings 6), the people with him were afraid because they saw the situation they were in, and they felt defeated at that very moment. Right there in the place that they were in, they overlooked the very thing that was with them! That was the presence and power of God! Elisha told them, wait….if you open up your eyes, you’ll see that there are more with us than against us! Elisha prayed that their eyes would be open right there where they were at (that situation, that issue, that circumstance…yep right there).  And God opened up their eyes to see what He saw!

The blessing is right there! It’s been right there all along. My prayer is that God will do the same for you…..OPEN UP YOUR EYES SO THAT YOU MAY SEE! #SELAH

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