Success blog; / Nov 16, 2018

I got to be TRANSPARENT! #PropheticWORD #OpenNow

I absolutely want to share a transparent moment with you and how God had to deal with me in that moment.
I’ll try to give you the brief version….Many of you know that I own a boutique. We recently relocated to a new building location. At our last building location, we had a phenomenal landlord. At our current one, not so phenomenal to say the least. I noticed several characteristics about him…selfish, greedy, prideful, “what’s in for me” kind of attitude…you get my drift? The kind of attitude that you don’t like!
I began to think about my next level in the boutique…..I began to think about some things that I wanted to do to take the boutique to its next. Of course, that requires investing money into a place that I don’t own but happens to be owned by a person whose attitude I don’t like.
I began to think about how I wasn’t sure about investing in my next level (the boutique) because it was like investing in him, and he has not shown me the kind of attitude that makes me want to invest in his building. Matter of fact, his attitude makes me anxious about that one year lease being up so I can go somewhere else! I’m just being real!
But then, it dawned on me to simply pray about it and see what God had to say. I wanted to know if God wanted me to invest my money into my next level that somebody with a “bad attitude” could reap from.
So, I prayed. God began to speak so clearly to me. It’s prophetic, and I simply had to share this word with you:
“Daughter, you thought this was about him, but you’re mistaken. Yes, you have to invest to get to your next level. Yes, you have to take steps to get to another level of breakthrough, and if your investment causes someone else to get blessed by it, then what’s wrong with that? Don’t I bless you so you can be a blessing? Don’t I pour into you so that you can pour back out? Shouldn’t the blessings that I pour into your life spill over into somebody else’s? When you say that one has a “bad attitude” because they don’t treat you right and you, in turn, don’t want to bless them, aren’t you being “the one with the bad attitude” in that very moment because you don’t want to be a blessing to someone who you feel doesn’t deserve it? Daughter, my son Jesus was the light that shined in darkness. He gave himself to those who least deserved it. He gave His best, and in giving His best, He gave His all to an undeserving people. Because of that, many were able to be blessed, healed and delivered from ungodly ways. Do you not think that you can do the same thing? What if giving your best in this situation was connected to this man getting delivered? What if giving your best could change his heart and his ways because he sees the light that’s shining in you, he sees greatness coming from you? All because you decided to invest in your next level. All because you decided to get better in who you are and what you are called to do. All because you decided to breakthrough to a level beyond your imagination. All because YOU DECIDED TO BE A BLESSING IN THE MIDST OF SOMEONE ELSE BEING A BURDEN! Daughter, life is about choices. Don’t let someone else’s actions determine your reaction. Work on being the best YOU that you can possibly be, and you’ll receive the best BREAKTHROUGH that you can possibly get. Not just for you, but for others connected to you.”
Ok….I have to admit. I was in awe of God. I was for sure He would take my side. But He showed me something greater, something bigger, something profound……..No matter what anybody says or does…I choose to be a blessing. I choose to let my light shine. I choose to be a difference maker- not just for my life, but for somebody else as well. I will not let someone else dictate who I am and who I am called to be. I choose to be different. I am who God says I am. I will do all God says that I will do. I will invest in me because investing in me helps me to be the best I can be, not just for me, but for all those connected to me.
I challenge YOU to do the same. #Selah

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