Success blog; / Apr 6, 2017

His Hands Are on YOU

Even when we don’t think they are, the hands of God are on our lives!

I want to speak to that person that’s going through a little challenge right now….going through something where it’s not quite as pretty or as nice as you would like for it to be. I just came to remind you that yes…..God has his hands on you AND that situation and He’s proud to do so!

God gave me this revelation the other day. I went outside, and our grass has like…. a lot of weeds! So much so that my husband has hired a company to come in and treat it. So, I go outside. I see the weeds growing more than I see the grass growing, and I noticed that the company that he hired had come in and serviced it. I knew they serviced it because they put their yard sign in our yard and left a bill for it.

I immediately thought to myself….”Now why would they put their name on this yard already with it still looking like this? Wouldn’t they just wait until it started looking better?”

That’s when the spirit of the Lord began to minister to me. He said though the grass still has weeds in it and plenty of them, they put their name on it because they know what it’s about to become. They put their name on it because they know they put something deep down on the inside of it that’s going to produce a harvest of growth, abundance, increase and breakthrough. Though you see the weeds right now….just wait for it, for soon the green grass shall overcome the weeds because of the seed that they placed in it!

Oh you got to catch that now….God has put something on the inside of you. Even though you don’t see the production, the manifestation, the harvest….it has to spring forth because God put his hand and his seed on the inside of you! And just like the lawn company put their sign in the yard and gave me the bill, God is saying I have put my and hand on you and I am giving you the bill of what you need to pay back for it…’s called FAITH!!

So hold on there my brothers and sisters…..all you need to pay the bill is FAITH! Though you see weeds right now, the harvest of green grass and abundance is right around the corner because of the seed that God has placed in you! God just wants you to pay your FAITH bill daily! That’s all.

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