Success blog; / Sep 27, 2019

God is speaking! 

God is speaking. He is speaking loud and clear. The question is…can you hear Him?

We just came out of the Speak Lord Prophetic MEGA Conference, it was powerful! God spoke to us on so many levels. So much so, that I want to share this prophetic release with you right now:

We have come into a new time and a new season saith the Lord. Things are shifting. They are not just shifting, but they are shifting in your favor. Though it may not seem like anything is happening.. know that I am always moving saith the Lord. I am always manifesting my glory so that my people may know that I am the Lord. Dead things are falling off of you and dying away. Just as the trees are beginning to shed the dead leaves from their branches, know they are making room for the new. It’s time to let go and let God so that you can make room for the “new”.  There is a newness of glory that is coming to your house. Let the dead things fall away. You can’t force the dead to live. The dead thing must move on, but know that if you hold on to the dead thing, you will never be able to embrace the “new thing” that I am doing in this season. Trust me saith the Lord. For greater is coming. Though there may be some frustration….greater is coming. Though you may not see it….greater is coming. I need my people to trust that I am making crooked places straight and rough roads smooth. I am working it out for your good, but you must let go of the dead thing(s) in your life. If you want to experience the harvest of my glory, you must walk in the blessings of obedience. Hear me saith the Lord. Let go of your pride. Let go of frustration. Humble yourself before me. Let your faith go before you because the harvest is at hand. There are great doors that are opening….doors of increase…doors of favor….doors that you have been waiting on for quite some time now. Know that the season has come for the harvest. Will you trust me saith the Lord? If so, feed my sheep this word. If you trust me, then feed my sheep this word. You are my sheep. Feast on my word. Let it be food for your spirit to encourage your faith to know that I the Lord have worked things out in your favor. Trust me saith the Lord.

I pray that you receive this prophetic release. Will you trust Him? #Selah

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