Success blog; / Jan 31, 2020

God is SCREAMING at you!

Did you know that God can scream at us?? Well, not literally scream with an audible voice, but He does scream! The true question is….are we listening to Him?

There are several ways that God tries to get our attention. He could try to get our attention through people, circumstances, situations, discomfort, etc. There are so many ways that God is trying to scream at us about something….He’s trying to get you to listen to Him.

I think about what’s happening in the world right now. So much chaos. So much drama. So many issues. The death of NBA Superstar, Kobe Bryant, still has me shook. God is speaking even through the death of Kobe and all those on that helicopter. He’s getting the world’s attention. Many people are calling out to God like never before. Many people are realizing the value of the time that God has given to each of us. Many are letting go of foolish things and taking life more seriously. Many are loving on their loved ones more than they did before. Why?  Because God screamed. God called this man, his daughter and several others home. We don’t understand why things happened. We just know that they happened. What are you doing with the things that are just “happening” in your life? God is trying to get your attention. He’s screaming at you. Take a minute and analyze what God is saying in this season of your life. Look at everything you’re going through. Everything that you have been going through. What is God saying to you? Has God been trying to warn you of something, somebody, a circumstance, a situation that you ignored until it was too late? Did He tell you to go right and you went left?  Did He tell you to cut off a relationship and you didn’t? Did He tell you to sow seeds to get you out of poverty and lack, but you were fearful because you only had “so much” in the bank?

One thing that I know for sure….. God has been screaming at us to do what He told us to do the first time. He’s screaming at us to get our lives together. He’s screaming at us to value the time that He has given us. He’s screaming at us (through Kobe) to love and embrace your loved ones like it was your last day with them. So much is happening! God is screaming at us through this coronavirus. People are dying left and right from it. It’s spreading all over the world. 

God is screaming. Are you listening? Are you ready to do what He has been telling you to do for years now? Or, are you still scared and nervous about it? Are you living each day like it’s your last? Are you embracing every minute that the King has bestowed upon you? Life is precious. Life is valuable. Life can be taken from us……JUST LIKE THAT. So, whatever God is screaming at you, I think it’s time that you really started listening. Selah

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