Success blog; / Jul 19, 2019

God is going OFF!!!!!!!

I did a Prophetic Monday this week that was so powerful! God had given me a word to release to the people on FAITH!

Listen…. God is not playing. He’s so serious about what He’s going to do in this season! As I was preparing/giving this message on Monday, God took me back to the time in the playoff championship series between the Golden State Warriors (which is my and the Cleveland Cavaliers when Lebron James was with them. They were down in the championship series 3-1. Golden State only had to win one more game, and they would be the champions again. Cleveland, on the other hand, had to win 4 games straight against the champions- which, might I add, seemed highly impossible to many!
As they were preparing to leave, Coach Tyronn Lue made this statement: “If you don’t think we can win, don’t get on the plane. I just think we’ve got to come back anyway, so we might as well come back and PLAY (to win).”

That message ministered greatly to those who heard him. They came back, and they did what seemed impossible to many! They beat my team, the Golden State Warriors, 4 games straight!! Wow!
This is where it gets juicy. God is saying to you today, that if you don’t believe that y’all can do this (you and God), then don’t get on the plane with Him for the ride! God is challenging your faith to believe that what once seemed impossible, what has been taking forever to achieve, what’s been so frustrating and demanding right now, etc….God is saying that if you don’t believe y’all can do this, then sit down. Stay right there. He’s riding on a plane called faith and determination, and if you’re not ready this season, then don’t join Him on the journey! He may come back around when you’re ready another season. Maybe He will redeem the time for you, or maybe He won’t?? All I know is…..God wants your faith and trust NOW! He wants you to remove all doubt NOW! He wants you to win NOW! He wants you to trust Him NOW!

God is tired of you playing this wavering game of going back and forth as to whether you trust Him or not. He calls that “unstable”. He needs stable faith! He needs a stable mindset! He needs a stable warrior to fly with Him on this journey! Yes, God is going OFF because He’s tired of the back and forth.

Are you ready to fly with Him on this journey? Cause if you do, you WILL win. You just have to believe it! #Selah

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