Success blog; / Apr 19, 2016

Get Rid of DOUBT so you can meet DESTINY!

Let’s face it. At some point in our lives, we all meet doubt straight in the face, specifically self-doubt that is. You see, doubt is that roadblock that wants to stand in the way of this FABULOUS place called DESTINY. Destiny is the place you want to be, whereas doubt is the place to avoid. Even the most confident person experiences self-doubt at some point or another.

Self-doubt’s job is to come in and put a damper on our hopes, dreams, and desires. It’s a gift sent directly from the devil himself! Why do I say that? Because the overall goal of the enemy is to steal, kill and destroy the dreams and plans that God has placed on the inside of us. That’s where doubt comes in. Once you start doubting…… the more you doubt the more it kills your faith. Your faith has to overcome your doubts and fears every single time they try to creep in.

You have to recognize when doubt tries to set in. Be on your P’s and Q’s because it’s going to come! Just as sure as God has given you a dream, the enemy tries to counterattack that dream every single time! This could be the dream for your family, kids, finances, health, mind, body, spirit, relationships, etc. You name the dream, and then recognize where doubt has begun to set in.

How can you recognize doubt? Think of it this way. When you begin to say things like…”well I don’t know…I’m not sure…..I doubt if…….I’m still thinking…….Maybe we can…..Maybe we will……This is too hard…It’s a lot harder than I thought….The struggle is real……I just can’t do it……I don’t have….I need more……Maybe I was wrong….the timing might be off…..I don’t have the money”…etc., etc., etc…..The list can go on and on. You fill in the blank with ways you allow your mind to doubt God, doubt yourself, doubt your family, doubt relationships, doubt a career move, doubt your health and wellbeing, doubt your financial situation etc.

There are several keys to overcoming doubt.

1. Recognize that it exists in your life. Stop making excuses. Realize that those “excuses” are really forms of self-doubt manifesting in your mind. Stop it before it gains strength and completely takes you off the path that God himself had you on. Remember this…doubt is a dream killer. Stop it while it’s in the pre-meditation mode!

2. Identify the source and the pattern and where it came from and how it tends to manifest.

3. Design a plan and take action. It’s time for you to strategize on how to overcome your doubts and fears. Write down things that will help you overcome. Stick to your plan. Taking action to overcome doubt is one of the most important ways to win! Don’t let doubt defeat you! You’re bigger than doubt can ever be. Your dreams are bigger, and your life will be too once you decide to take action and simply overcome!

4. Connect with a coach/mentor who can help you overcome your doubts and fears so that they can coach you directly to the top of where God wants you to be! That’s right! You have to have someone speaking into your life! You need empowerment! You need someone who believes in you! You need a coach to mentor and empower you so that you can go in the right direction. Many people miss this part. They fail to see the importance of having someone help them along the way.

5. Last but not least, connect with people who are like minded and going in the direction that you need to go. Evaluate your circle. If you all are on the same level, then something is wrong! Get connected to the right people! They help you cultivate your strengths and overcome your doubts and fears….that’s if you’re connected to the right ones.

Overcoming doubt is critical to your future. Don’t let it creep in, and if it does, don’t let it stay! Give it the boot and tell it to get out! You have too much destiny awaiting you! It’s important that you follow the steps given. And hey, if you don’t have a coach, I want you to consider joining AFW- Association of Fabulous Women. You’ll be able to connect and network with women who have plans of following their dreams and overcoming their fears! I want you connected! I want to coach, mentor, train and develop you so that you can get to that perfect place of where God wants you to be! Join my 6 month coaching association today. You won’t regret it. Click the link below to see what it has to offer. Remember, this is only open to the first 50 women who register. First come, first serve basis. It’s time to overcome! Let’s get to the top together! No doubt, no fear, no disbelief! Destiny awaits! Let’s gooooo!


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