Success blog; / Oct 23, 2015

Get Out of Your Own Way


Enough with the excuses already! Aren’t you tired of feeling sorry for yourself? It’s like a vicious cycle at the beginning of every year….Here comes the “Happy New Year”, then the resolutions, and then……reality hits. You still have the same job, the same car, the same house, the same debt, same doubts, same fears, same insecurities!! You begin to look around at others being blessed, and then some kind of way…lol…envy and jealousy sink in before you know it! You then get a lump in your throat every time you hear about “Susy” having success at something. Matter of fact, they better not tell you NOTHING else about how she is making it happen and being blessed because it makes you look at your current situation even more and get absolutely depressed! Then, you begin to talk to God and ask God things like “God, why can’t that be me? God, why won’t you open a door for me like that? What have I done wrong? What have I missed?” And God just looks down from heaven, shakes his head, and reminds you of his word. You know…….the one that says that he has “blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” (Ephesians 1:3). Did you notice the word “blessed” being in the past tense? Past tense means IT’S ALREADY DONE. God didn’t just bless “Susy” and forget about you. You see, “Susy” chose not to be her own excuse. She chose not to feel sorry for herself, but instead, she made some things happen by being diligent, consistent, and persistent with what she was called to do. It’s time to stop being your biggest obstacle. If you can overcome yourself, then you can overcome anything! To do this and be successful:

1) Don’t let your past dictate your future. It’s a new season… a new day. Allow new things to take place in your life, and be happy about it!

2) Train your thoughts. Don’t battle a thought with a thought. Battle it with the word of God. Stinking thinking has to go!!!

3) Conquer your fears and insecurities by doing something that you never thought you’d do because of fear.

4) Love yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and say, “I love me”.

5) Forgive yourself. Again, your past should not be still running your life or your mind….Forgive yourself and move on.

6) Stop holding on to things that God wants you to let go of….relationships, jobs, etc. You’re slowing yourself down and wasting precious time that God never intended for you to waste.

7) Declare and decree…Speak life to those things in your life that are stagnant. Speak death to anything that is not of God.

8) Stop making excuses as to why you can’t do certain things….no time, no money….Work with what you got till you can get what you want!

It’s a new day. If you want the blessings that “Susy” has, then you got to be willing to do the work that “Susy” did, which could have cost her a lot of heartache and pain….but yet she pressed…some disappoints and rejections….but still she moved forward. Are you willing to take risks? Are you willing to sacrifice? Get out of your own way so you can be and do all that God has purposed for you to do. Today, tell yourself to GET OUT OF THE WAY! Destiny awaits you!

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