Success blog; / Jun 28, 2019

Fight for Your Blessing!

It’s simple. You got to fight for what God gave you. The vision. The dream. The idea. The change in your situation…yes all of that. God gave it to you. He showed you a glimpse of what “could be” yours, but you got to fight for it. I say “could be” because many times the blessings of God are conditional. It’s conditional based on your obedience, your attitude, your surrender, your environment, etc. How you respond to what God put in you, spoke to you, showed you….how you respond to it is everything! You have to fight for it. When you fight for it, you position yourself for victory. When you’re in a battle—when you’re fighting a war— I’ve never seen or heard any army win that just sits there and watch the enemy throw guns and arrows at them. If they sit and watch it, they’ll lose the battle. Instead, they have to position themselves in the war for victory! Positioning themselves can mean several things. Let’s talk about that for a second.

If you are going to position yourself for victory, then make sure you do these things:

1) Remember what God said. What vision did He give you? What idea? What promise? He said what He said. He gave you the vision. It’s not going to fall out of the sky. You got to fight for what God showed you. He’s not a man that He should lie, nor the son of man that He should repent. When He makes a promise, he will fulfill it.

2) Do what He said. God will do what He’s gotta do; you just gotta do what you gotta do. His blessings and favor are conditional and dependent upon a few things. If you got to change your attitude- change it! If you have to increase your faith- increase it! If you got to stop being in certain environments and around certain people- break away! If you got to sow seeds- sow it! If you got to write a book- write it! If you got to build your dream- build it! He said what He said. Now you got to do what He told you to do.

3) Don’t quit! The process is hard. It may take time. The manifestation may not be “suddenly”. That doesn’t mean you QUIT! That doesn’t mean you turn around. That doesn’t mean you go backwards! That doesn’t mean that God changed His mind! Just because it’s not happening now, doesn’t mean it’s not happening! You have to learn to be steadfast and diligent in the promises of God! If you don’t, the enemy may very well rob you of the promise!

4) Be mindful that sometimes it’s not anybody else, no devil, no demon, no witch…it’s YOU! You have to acknowledge when you’re walking in fear, doubt, insecurity, etc. You have to identify when you’re being impatient. You can’t be blind to the fact that your biggest enemy may very well be YOU. You have to believe in YOU just like you believe in the God that’s within you. You and God can do great things together, but you need to remember…it takes two! God needs you to get your mind right in this season so that you and He can flow together in the excellence of all that He has for you!

5) Endure the process. It may take time, patience, broken relationships, lack in finances, lack in support, isolation, rejection, frustration….yeah all of that and then some! But whatever the process brings, prove to God and yourself that you can handle it. If you do that, you show Him that you can handle your next level! If you can’t handle what’s going on in your now, how do you expect to experience what God has in your next?? Greater level, bigger devils! Who’s scared?? Not me. Not you. In my best Ebonics…. “ain’t nobody got time for that”! No fear. No doubt. No disbelief! We are winning in this process! Quitting is NOT an option!

Trust what God is doing. Fight for what’s yours. Don’t let your flesh win. Don’t let the enemy win. Don’t let frustration win. Let your FAITH win. The reward of your faith is that you will see what you were “faithing” God for. Hold on. It’s coming! #WeWinning

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