The Fabulous CEO

The Fabulous CEO

Trish M has done it again!

A simply phenomenal, yet powerful coaching program for life, business or ministry all rolled up into a fabulous new training module- “The Fabulous CEO”!

It’s time to build Kingdom Leaders and Kingdom Financiers like never before!

Proverbs 13:22 A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

Are you ready to work on that inheritance? Are you ready for God to release the riches of the wicked into your hands?

Then it’s time to go to work!!! Manna is not falling out of the sky anymore! It’s time to build your dream life NOW!!

Life. Ministry. Building businesses….becoming FABULOUS CEOS! That’s what this training module is all about! It will take you to the next in every aspect of your life! Whether you’re looking to expand your thinking, build your ministry, business, or life….then “The Fabulous CEO” is for you!

In this 12 module program, Trish M challenges the mind first, and then she goes into specific strategies on how to take your life, ministry or business to an ultimate new level! She’s adamant about building kingdom leaders and kingdom financiers!

If you are ready to learn how to go to the next level of being the CEO of your life, ministry or business, then this program is definitely for you!

Trish M, the “Fabulous” Specialist and Prophetic Strategist, has a passion to help entrepreneurs do just that! She launched her business over 10 years ago, and after making only $125 within 1 year, instead of giving up, Trish M re-launched her business with brand new strategies and systematic structures that allowed her to go from making 3 figures, to well over 6 figures within very little time! Her passion is to now help build kingdom financiers so that they can do the same thing that she did by sharing what she did and how she did it.

We always declare….”We don’t have NEXT, we got NOW!”. The FABULOUS CEO coaching program will empower entrepreneurs with information that will assist in their business and life successes.

Trish M has taken her classes from her Association of Fabulous Women program, and put them in this 12 week module to empower the kingdom leaders and kingdom financiers on how they can get to the next level of being all that God called them to be!

Topics include:

AFW Module 1- Understanding & Overcoming Part 1

AFW Module 2- Understanding & Overcoming Part 2

AFW Module 3- The Ultimate Success Part 1

AFW Module 4- The Ultimate Success Part 2

AFW Module 5- Building a New Lifestyle Part 1

AFW Module 6- Building a New Lifestyle Part 2  “Branding”

AFW Module 7- Building a New Lifestyle Part 3  “The Balancing Act”

AFW Module 8- Building a New Lifestyle Part 4  “Keys to Gaining Wealth”

AFW Module 9- Building a New Lifestyle Part 5  “The Art of Selling”

AFW Module 10- Building a New Lifestyle Part 6  “Webinars 101”

AFW Module 11- Building a New Lifestyle Part 7  “Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet”

AFW Module 12- Building a New Lifestyle Part 8  “Promoting the Perfect Lead Magnet”

12 weeks of powerful, impactful and enlightening classes that are definitely going to take your life, ministry and business to a fabulous new level!

These classes are from our AFW program.  Make sure to check out the testimonial video of what the classes from this program did for Precious Ruitlin.

Don’t wait….register today! Classes will be sent immediately, once a week for 12 weeks straight!  Absolutely fabulous!

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