FabLife Prophetic Coaching

Are you ready to unleash the power of your unique prophetic gift? Are you interested in exploring the possibilities of God’s higher dimension? Do you feel like you were meant for something more, but just can’t quite understand what that calling is yet? Now is your time!
Hear God’s voice with more clarity, confidence, and consistency than ever before!

Be released from fear and built up in faith!

The fivefold ministry was given to the Church to equip the saints for the work of ministry. As part of the fivefold ministry, the prophetic ministry is also called to equip each saint, each believer for the work of ministry. According to the prophet Joel, prophesy, dreams and visions will be available to every believer in the last days. It is not something reserved for a select few. As long as you have the Spirit of Christ in you, you can flow in the prophetic, but of course, not to the same degree as a prophet.

Whether you are new to the prophetic or have been prophesying for years, our FabLife Prophetic Coaching Program will take your gift to the next level while building a solid biblical foundation for ministry. Our modules are designed to equip you to hear the voice of the Lord and operate in the gifts of the spirit. They will also give you solid biblical principles to help you avoid the pitfalls of ministry.

Get ready to be challenged, stretched and changed as you move out in your spiritual gifts!

The courses in this prophetic training program are designed to achieve these goals in each believer. This is a full year of prophetic training!

This program includes:

  • 36 Training Sessions (12 month coaching)
  • FREE Registration to our “Speak Lord Prophetic MEGA Conference 2018″
  • Bonus- Prophetic Daily Checklist
  • FabLife Prophetic Training Workbooks
  • FabLife Prophetic Training Private Mastermind Group Facebook
  • Bonus Audio Training/Teaching

Up to 9 LIVE Group Q & A Mastermind Sessions (This varies based upon the program chosen.)

If you are ready to embark on your prophetic journey, then no more delays! Your training for your next level starts right here….right now! You don’t have next, your time is NOW! Register Today!

12 Month Training Program (CLICK HERE)
12 Month Training Program - Prophetic Gift Zone 201 (CLICK HERE)

See what others are saying :






Sia Moiwa

“Prophetess Trish is an answer to a prayer of my desire to dig deeper into the prophetic. Her leadership is impeccable and she has a wealth of knowledge that is vital to the kingdom of God. What I love about her is her true desire to equip every woman that enters her program to be confident and bold in their calling. She is a teacher that gives clarity to who you are and the specific assignment God has called you to. She is patient and hands on. Her mastermind classes allow you to engage and connect with other students in the program, where she provides a safe-centered space to be transparent with your questions and answers each of us with such humility and grace. This powerful WOG has prepared me to walk in assurance and confirmed with her teachings; I am one of God’s prophetess and I am no longer afraid to call myself such. I can’t thank her enough for being obedient to the work God has called her to, to Impart, Inspire and Instruct God’s Daughters into their right place.”

Prophetess Troi Nwaigwe

The Prophetic Gift Zone became a tremendous blessing to my life. The Lord led me to Prophetess Trish in order for me to reach the next level He was taking me too. The information you receive is so phenomenal that you have no choice but to grow in the LORD. The 12 – month program is such an eye opener!! Tearing down all the religious and tradition barriers you were taught during your Christian Walk. At the same time building your faith in Christ Jesus. I thank and praise the Lord each and everyday for raising up leaders like Prophetess Trish. To teach and nurture those like us who desire to grow in the things of GOD. Now that I am finishing up the course I truly feel confident in who I am in Christ Jesus. Knowing and believing that I am a Kingdom Builder!!! Encouraging each and everyone who enters the program steadfast to the end no matter what comes your way. Stand firm on what God instructed you to do because your greater is coming!!!

Minister Bridget M.

We often hear “self love is the best love’ but I say, “self investment is the best investment”. The Prophetic Gift Zone Mentoring Program is phenomenal, it’s very informative and challenges you to dig deeper and find yourself. You will find out alot that is not taught in the church. Prophetess Trish is an awesome teacher and is very passionate about imparting the Word into each person. She has shed so much light on the prophetic and is not afraid of the enemy. I’m very thankful she answered the call and birthed out one of her many visions to equip and empower other women..

Phebe Hardwick

To have encountered a program, such as, the Prophetic Gift Zone was amazing within itself. Then to have a mentor with such grace, integrity, and wisdom that knows how to flow with life while keeping you on track for life was beyond phenomenal. She exemplifies exactly what she teaches: She is Bold. She is Fierce. She is ALL God has called her to be. Her teachings and testimonies shared of her own life has pushed me in ways I never imagined possible. My faith has increased. My walk with God is 1000x better than when I entered this program. My prayer life has been strengthened and has gone to another level thanks to her teachings on effective prayer. An abundance of light (truth) has been flowing within. There are so many benefits of this amazing program that it would take me forever to write them all!! One main thing I love about this program is it’s ALL about the Word, not your typical “because so and so said”, but what the very Word of God said. And that’s the focus of this program and Prophetess Trish. Such a humble WOG. I’ve had an amazing journey and I look forward to continuing my walk in the fullness of God and purpose in whatever God has next. Blessings!!

Ginger Hutchison

Thank You Prophetess Trish for being obedient to God and bringing this teaching to us. I am learning so much and as I apply it to my life and ministry I see God moving and changing things in my life and the life of those around me. I have felt the Holy Spirit FIRE fall several times over the last few weeks and I sometime am so full that I can not contain myself. But I know that at times I must hold back and ensure the word God speaks. These trainings are CHANGING MY LIFE & MY WALK OF FAITH WITH GOD!!! THANK YOU!!

Kendra Davis

After reviewing my notes on video #2 the WORD FAITH has stood out to me as the key ingredient! Prophetess Trish Morrissette you BAD GIRL! YOU A BAD MAMA ‘ JAMMA!!! I feel just like this FISH…. I’m jumping out of this bowl of little faith, into a level of faith I have never even experienced! How can I lose when ” ALL OF HEAVEN IS BACKING ME UP!” That statement alone delivered me from my elementary – mustard seed faith mentality!!! It’s time for some BIG GIRL FAITH!!!! Wheeeew—-GOOD STUFF!!!! I am so glad I’m in this training program. Thank YOU JESUS!!!!! THANK YOU GOD for the vision, insight, and OBEDIENCE of Prophetess Trish Morrissette! This course was tailor made for me. I’m getting what’s mine ya’ll LOL!!!!

Darlene Likely

I am learning so much from this prophetic training. Prophetess Trish is patient, encouraging, and cares about our everyday life encounters. The scriptures each month are on point. Thank God for FabLife Prophetic Training!

RaMonda Moore-Brown

I feel like I FINALLY know who I am! I also now understand why things “had” to be the way they were. It was never about me but God doing what He needed to in order to protect the anointing… the gift he placed inside of me in my Mother’s womb. There will be glory after this! I am so grateful for ALL that has been shared thus far in our FabLife Prophetic Coaching Program!. I look forward to the rest of this journey!!!

Starlette Smith

I am eternally grateful for God’s gift, Prophetess Trish Morrissette, that He has so graciously blessed us with and for her obedience and willingness in establishing this Fablife Prophetic Coaching Course. The information I have learned thus far has been very informative and enlightening. I am looking forward to gleaning all that I can from this course, so I can effectively be all Yahweh has ordained me to be! Manifold blessings!

Felicia McClendon

I am one of Prophetess Trish’s “mentees” enrolled in the 12 month program. As I watched the news this morning…I think about all of the back to back horrific tragedies that are happening across our world. God brought back to my remembrance EVERY single prophecy that she has spoken to us over the past few months that has come to pass. I’m telling you, if you are gifted in the PROPHETIC, it is IMPERATIVE that you enroll in this next class and sit at this dynamic woman of God’s feet! My GOD today!!! I am so stirred up and inspired this morning about the things that God is doing in the lives of everyone who is connected to this TRUE WOMAN of GOD!

For months I prayed to God for a mentor to help me birth this gift that I have been carrying around for 20 years. God did just that when he allowed me to cross paths with Prophetess Trish over the summer! I have been stretched, challenged, enriched, inspired, and encouraged through this training class. God is doing a NEW THING in this season and preparing his anointed vessels who have been in “hiding” for years behind the scenes to be RAISED UP and brought to the forefront to CHANGE this nation.

I only endorse the things that I truly believe in and “The Fab Life Prophetic Gift Zone” is one of them! I’m publicly telling ALL of you who are reading this…Prophetess Trish is the “TRUTH” guys! Enrolling in this class is the absolute BEST investment you will ever make in your spiritual gift!!! We are only 4 months in, and I have grown so much spiritually and ALL I can say is “WOW”!!! Just imagine where I will be in 12 months!

Thank you Prophetess Trish for obeying the voice of God. YOU are truly an amazing woman who is GOD SENT! I thank God for allowing me to connect with you during this season of my life!

Mentte Quonda Warner

Back in August of 2012, I went through a storm that was designed to take the life out of me. This was my first experience of dealing with church hurt. The betrayal, lies, jealousy’s and false witnesses coming from leaders that I was close with left me not wanting to be in fellowship or affiliated with the church, but God has kept me through it all and not only blessed me with a new church home, but a Shepherd after HIS OWN HEART! Where I was, I thank God for it because it was training ground.
I have known for a while that I had and still have a prophetic calling on my life. When the storm hit it tried to take that and I have been restored through the FabLife Prophetic Training! I am encouraged, refreshed and ready to take on what the Lord has for me to do!