Success blog; / Apr 14, 2017


Have you or someone you know ever uttered these words? If you want to make a woman mad….then mess with her children! It’s something about messing with a woman’s baby!  One thing that I know…mothers don’t play about their children. They become very protective to the point where many of them will fight you for overstepping your boundaries when it comes to their children.  They can talk crazy to them but somebody else…..DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! This is funny when we talk about it now, but for them, in that given moment…..MOMMA AINT PLAYING GAMES WITH NOBODY WHEN IT COMES TO HER CHILDREN! Aggression is stirred up on the inside of her as well as anger, the will to fight and protect what’s rightfully hers….this manifests when someone comes against the very person(s) that was gifted to her by God. She’s willing to do what she has to do to protect them.

Now, I want you to think about this when it comes to your life.  Your “baby” in this sense, is not going to be a physical child that you gave birth to.  Your “baby” is your dream, your vision, your mission, anointing, your next level, your seed, your character, your faith……I want you to give a name to your baby….you know that thing that is precious to you, that thing that  you need to protect….yeah….that!  I want you to put a name on it!

Just as the mother went into protection mode when the enemy came against her child, you need to do the exact same thing! When the devil is trying to stop what God has given you….when he tries to crush your dreams, steal your vision, make you doubt your goals and plans, shatter your character, make you have sight with no vision, try to taint your anointing, take away your seed, etc….I want you to get feisty, angry and mad with him at that very moment! I want you to WANT to fight him just as that angry mother did! Enough with letting him get away with messing with your baby (dreams, desires, ambitions, etc). It’s time to fight….not naturally, but supernaturally!

I need you to speak to the enemy and declare that he has to take his hands OFF of your seed, OFF of your finances, OFF of your next level, OFF of your husband, OFF of your womb, OFF of your children, OFF of your vision, OFF of dreams, OFF of your health and well-being….You have to let him know that you’re not going down without a fight! In this season, you are ready to go to war like never before! You are fully loaded with the word and you don’t mind using it! You have to let him know that you’re not going to be his PUNK in this season! You’re a WARRIOR for God who now realizes that you are in a FIXED fight!
The battle is already won! Declare, decree, believe and achieve! Not only are you fighting in this season, but you’re WINNING! You’re that angry mom who decided to take a stand for her baby. Now continue to fight cause you’ve already won. The trick is…..YOU CAN’T GIVE UP IN THE PROCESS!! Now go on and slap the devil’s head a few times with the WORD!! #SELAH

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