Success blog; / Jan 27, 2017

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

You see that pretty face?? That is a picture of someone whom I had the honor of mentoring the last few years. Her middle name is Joy, and that is what she was to me.

But wait….let me go back…

Two weeks ago, the Lord gave me a dream. In the dream, I woke up out of my bed and walked into my bathroom. In my bathroom (in real life), I have this large round garden tube. In the dream, the tube was like twice as big. It was filled with water and also a DEAD BODY OF A LITTLE GIRL!

As I got closer, I thought it was my daughter, but I soon realized that it was a little girl who had stayed too long in the tub, fell asleep and drowned. Immediately after seeing that, the Lord took me out of the dream.

Every time that God has shown me a dead body in a dream, it ALWAYS manifests in the natural. It’s always someone that I know. So, I used wisdom and began to pray and intercede. Not only that, I told my church what God showed me, and I asked them to pray and intercede as well. We asked for the grace and mercies of God for whomever that was that I saw in the dream.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I get an inbox about a homicide. Someone wanted to know information about the deceased, Wynesha Medley. “How could this be?”, I thought to myself. In my mind, this had to be spam. This had to be a hoax. My assistant, Tracey, immediately began to try to find information on it. And that she did!

It was true! Wynesha was dead. Wynesha is not just anybody to me. She is someone that I poured into over the years. I mentored and coached her in regards to life, ministry and business. She was my brand specialist for my company. We had a relationship. She mattered to me.

The Lord showed her to me in a childlike state in my dream. He wanted me to see her as someone that I nurtured…you know like a mother would. A mother pours into her children wisdom so that they can be better. Wynesha was someone that I consistently poured into over the years. She talked about how much I was a blessing to her, but I made sure that I let her know that she was a blessing to me as well. I always tried to let her know that I was grateful for her!

So what happened to Wynesha??? I’m glad you asked! Wynesha was a victim of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!!! I beseech you women all around the world who may read this blog….DON’T LET THIS BE YOU!!! Don’t settle for less when God is trying to deliver you so that you can get to His best for your life! Don’t ignore the warnings, the signs, the beatings, the abuse…..don’t ignore it!!

Wynesha was that little girl in my dream who stayed in the tub too long and drowned. The tub represented the relationship that she was in. Even if it’s one day, one week, one hour….if any type of abuse is involved, it’s a tub that you need to get out of! The tub represented a circle, a big huge circle called life. Her life had taken a turn for the worst when too much of one thing got in it.

Life is too precious. To all my Wyneshas out there…..I want you to be free! So if you are reading this blog and you are going through some type of domestic abuse…..RUN!!! Get away!! Be free!! Consider this the confirmation that you need to go forth and do what you know God is telling you to do!

Death is a hard pill to swallow. Embrace the life that God has given you. Live your best life NOW! Give God your all! Submit your ways to Him, and He will give you the desires of your heart. But, you have to trust Him.

Be Free. Live. Love. Be happy. Don’t live your life in a cage called abuse. I would hate for you to be the Wynesha that we all love, but yet right now….we miss her dearly. Be wise in this season. Don’t ignore the warnings. #Selah

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