Success blog; / Mar 10, 2017

Don’t be Afraid of the PIT!!!

According to, a pit is a naturally formed or excavated hole or cavity in the ground, serving as a trap. The pit is that place that Joseph went in before he could reach his destiny of greatness.
You see, Joseph had no clue that before he could get to the promotion, the marriage, the house on top of the hill, the 6 figure salary, etc…..he had no clue that he had to go to a very low and dark place.  All Joseph knew was that God had made him a promise…not just any promise, but a promise of increase, prosperity and breakthrough. So much so, that it made others around him jealous!  But one thing that I admire about Joseph, is that through it all, he NEVER gave up on the promise.
When he was at one of the lowest points in his life, he was able to climb out of it only to go to another place of bondage called a jail. But remember this, in order for Joseph to be exalted to that high place, he was destined to go low! He was destined to go through a process that could have easily broken him, but instead of giving up, he continued on, never forgetting the promise that God made him, that promise that had been established by God as DONE!
God will often allow us to go to a low place in order for him to elevate us to that high place. That low place may look and seem like a very dark and deep pit, but it’s still part of our destined process. What happens in the process is up to you. Will you give up in your low place or will you tap into that bounce-back spirit that God has given you? Whatever you do, don’t you dare give up in your pit! You were destined to be there….but only for a time and a season. Soon, you’ll be coming out without an ounce of dirt on you! You won’t look like what you went through! Remember that!

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