; / Nov 29, 2017

Sia Moiwa

“Prophetess Trish is an answer to a prayer of my desire to dig deeper into the prophetic. Her leadership is impeccable and she has a wealth of knowledge that is vital to the kingdom of God. What I love about her is her true desire to equip every woman that enters her program to be confident and bold in their calling. She is a teacher that gives clarity to who you are and the specific assignment God has called you to. She is patient and hands on. Her mastermind classes allow you to engage and connect with other students in the program, where she provides a safe-centered space to be transparent with your questions and answers each of us with such humility and grace. This powerful WOG has prepared me to walk in assurance and confirmed with her teachings; I am one of God’s prophetess and I am no longer afraid to call myself such. I can’t thank her enough for being obedient to the work God has called her to, to Impart, Inspire and Instruct God’s Daughters into their right place.”

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