; / Nov 8, 2017

Prophetess Troi Nwaigwe

The Prophetic Gift Zone became a tremendous blessing to my life. The Lord led me to Prophetess Trish in order for me to reach the next level He was taking me too. The information you receive is so phenomenal that you have no choice but to grow in the LORD. The 12 – month program is such an eye opener!! Tearing down all the religious and tradition barriers you were taught during your Christian Walk. At the same time building your faith in Christ Jesus. I thank and praise the Lord each and everyday for raising up leaders like Prophetess Trish. To teach and nurture those like us who desire to grow in the things of GOD. Now that I am finishing up the course I truly feel confident in who I am in Christ Jesus. Knowing and believing that I am a Kingdom Builder!!! Encouraging each and everyone who enters the program steadfast to the end no matter what comes your way. Stand firm on what God instructed you to do because your greater is coming!!!

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