; / Oct 14, 2015

Prophetess Tridina Jordan

Prophetess Trish Morrissette is a woman of God with a passion to pursue her God-given purpose. I heard about Prophetess Trish from one of my sons, who was a high school student of hers when she taught at Rutherford High School. His conversation when talking about, Mrs. Mo, as the kids called her, was always exciting, inspiring and full of motivation as he shared the stories about this awesome and cool Spanish teacher who always had time for her students. It was a couple of years later that our family met Prophetess Trish through church fellowship, and what a joy it has been knowing her! She has keen spiritual/prophetic insight concerning those that she comes in contact with. She will speak truth, and only what God shows her. Last year at a women’s conference that I hosted in May 2011, Prophetess Trish gave a word of prophecy to me about our ministry’s needs, and what she said came to past 5 months later, October 2011 to be specific and very precise. I love and support her in every business and ministry endeavor! Prophetess Trish is a woman of integrity, with a genuine love for people from ALL walks of life. It is truly God and her family that motivates her to “Become” all that she can be.

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