; / Nov 8, 2017

Phebe Hardwick

To have encountered a program, such as, the Prophetic Gift Zone was amazing within itself. Then to have a mentor with such grace, integrity, and wisdom that knows how to flow with life while keeping you on track for life was beyond phenomenal. She exemplifies exactly what she teaches: She is Bold. She is Fierce. She is ALL God has called her to be. Her teachings and testimonies shared of her own life has pushed me in ways I never imagined possible. My faith has increased. My walk with God is 1000x better than when I entered this program. My prayer life has been strengthened and has gone to another level thanks to her teachings on effective prayer. An abundance of light (truth) has been flowing within. There are so many benefits of this amazing program that it would take me forever to write them all!! One main thing I love about this program is it’s ALL about the Word, not your typical “because so and so said”, but what the very Word of God said. And that’s the focus of this program and Prophetess Trish. Such a humble WOG. I’ve had an amazing journey and I look forward to continuing my walk in the fullness of God and purpose in whatever God has next. Blessings!!

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