; / Oct 14, 2015

Felicia McClendon

I am one of Prophetess Trish’s “mentees” enrolled in the 12 month program. As I watched the news this morning…I think about all of the back to back horrific tragedies that are happening across our world. God brought back to my remembrance EVERY single prophecy that she has spoken to us over the past few months that has come to pass. I’m telling you, if you are gifted in the PROPHETIC, it is IMPERATIVE that you enroll in this next class and sit at this dynamic woman of God’s feet! My GOD today!!! I am so stirred up and inspired this morning about the things that God is doing in the lives of everyone who is connected to this TRUE WOMAN of GOD!

For months I prayed to God for a mentor to help me birth this gift that I have been carrying around for 20 years. God did just that when he allowed me to cross paths with Prophetess Trish over the summer! I have been stretched, challenged, enriched, inspired, and encouraged through this training class. God is doing a NEW THING in this season and preparing his anointed vessels who have been in “hiding” for years behind the scenes to be RAISED UP and brought to the forefront to CHANGE this nation.

I only endorse the things that I truly believe in and “The Fab Life Prophetic Gift Zone” is one of them! I’m publicly telling ALL of you who are reading this…Prophetess Trish is the “TRUTH” guys! Enrolling in this class is the absolute BEST investment you will ever make in your spiritual gift!!! We are only 4 months in, and I have grown so much spiritually and ALL I can say is “WOW”!!! Just imagine where I will be in 12 months!

Thank you Prophetess Trish for obeying the voice of God. YOU are truly an amazing woman who is GOD SENT! I thank God for allowing me to connect with you during this season of my life!

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