; / Oct 14, 2015

Apostle Jocelyn Mathis

It is an honor and a privilege to have watched Prophetess Trish Morrissette, Chief Apostle in Training, blossom into an accredited Prophet. She has been consistent in her prophecies that have been, and are always on point. As her Mentor and Teacher, I’m overjoyed to have seen her growth that has prepared her for this next dimensional step in Ministry with an open door to the nations. (Jeremiah 1:5-12)
My desire is that God will bless Apostle Trish with Christ minded disciples, men-tees, supporters, and those who have a heart after God like herself. I pray that our Father would bless this Woman of Worth with a double Anointing that destroys the yokes of the enemy bringing healing to the sick, brokenhearted, and set the captives free. I know that she has and will serve the body of Christ as she has served God first and The Marketplace Ambassadors International School of Prophets in Love and Obedience. She is a daughter that has taken hold of the plow and won’t look back; she will move forward and see what the Lord has and will do in her life. This is truly a time where C.I. Trish Morrissette will now rise and shine as she goes forth in excellence as a marketplace Apostle and Prophet with No Fear in Jesus Name as I touch and agree with her in prayer…Amen. How beautiful are the feet are them who preach the gospel…Shalom (Roman 10:15)

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