; / Oct 14, 2015


Mentte Quonda Warner

Back in August of 2012, I went through a storm that was designed to take the life out of me. This was my first experience of dealing with church hurt. The betrayal, lies, jealousy’s and false witnesses coming from leaders that I was close with left me not wanting to be in fellowship or affiliated with the church, but God has kept me through it all and not only blessed me with a new church home, but a Shepherd after HIS OWN HEART! Where I was, I thank God for it because it was training ground.
I have known for a while that I had and still have a prophetic calling on my life. When the storm hit it tried to take that and I have been restored through the FabLife Prophetic Training! I am encouraged, refreshed and ready to take on what the Lord has for me to do!

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