Success blog; / Nov 1, 2019

Change isn’t change unless it costs you something!

Let’s face it. You’re simply in a season for change. Prophetically, we have entered into a season of transition and change like no other. Can you feel it in YOUR atmosphere??

Here’s a truth about it though. Change isn’t going to be a real change until it costs you something! What is this seasonal change costing you?

Many of us are experiencing different types of losses due to change. This could be family (death), friends, relationships, jobs, money, etc. It all can feel so hard and challenging, and in that very moment, you may not have the slightest clue as to why things are happening the way they are happening, and how you’re supposed to deal with them in the process.

Let me tell you a secret. It’s because God is saying these things HAVE to happen! The change is real, and the cost for the change is even realer! You may feel the struggle, frustration, heartache and maybe even pain; however, I came to release a Word to you from God! This season is making you, not breaking you. This season is preparing you for another level of greatness. This season is strengthening you! This season…if you faint not…..will cause you to reap a bountiful harvest like never before. So, the key to it is to keep pressing. Keep pressing with the understanding that something BIG is coming your way! God is about to release powerful blessings in this season, and if you position yourself (meaning…if you don’t give up), you’re going to win BIG TIME!

So, it may be costing you something right now, but trust me….the return on the cost is going to be EXPONENTIAL! #Selah

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