Success blog; / Dec 23, 2016

Celebrate You!!

Sometimes you have to high-five yourself! Sometimes you have to pat your own self on the back….let me go a little bit further. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself, speak life to yourself and remind YOURSELF that God got you and is breaking through on your behalf!

I was reminded of this word the other day…I heard the Lord say “celebrate you”. He then began to give me that there were going to be many great breakthroughs manifesting for 2017.

You see, many of you are still in the waiting process. Many of you may be frustrated in the season and position that you are in, but I hear the Lord saying….hold on cause your time of breakthrough is at hand!

So, I want to encourage you. Decree it until you see it! I’m going to say that again…decree it until you see it!!! That’s what I have been doing! Remember, a couple of weeks ago, I told you to write your “I am” declarations. This I am declaration was to include who you are and the many things that you shall accomplish, but declaring it to be already done. Well, I have been doing just that since I told you about it, and I have already begun to see breakthrough after breakthrough in my life! God is good!! You see, I asked you to do this with me for 21 days. Right now, that is set to end on Dec 29th, but hey….if you haven’t started, today is a great day to do so!

Go ahead and celebrate prophetically all your many great breakthroughs that are coming forth in 2017! Go ahead and high-five yourself! You been watching everyone else get blessed, but I’ve come to tell you….it’s your time now! Let your faith position you for what’s to come! And no matter what it looks like, remind yourself that God has already made a way. Decree it until you see it!! Now gone and celebrate YOU!

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