Press Release: Trish M releases her 4th Book “The Fabulous Wife”

4th Book

Ladies, the wait is officially over! From “Faith in a Barren Land” and now “Chronicles of a Fabulous Lady”….. Trish M has officially launched her latest book!

“The Fabulous Wife” – Whether married or a wife in waiting, this book is going to bless you! Here’s a synopsis of the book:

Marriage is beautiful. Marriage is powerful. Marriage is fabulous.

Simply put… Marriage is everything that you make it to be!

It’s great to be married. The hard part is staying together and making it work when things are not so great.

There are so many couples out there who don’t know what it takes to have a fabulous marriage. As a result, the divorce rate continues to grow each and every year!

Trish M, author of Faith in a Barren Land and Chronicles of a Fabulous Lady, sensed the need to share with women what it takes to take marriage to the next level!

Trish M has been with her husband, who is also her high school sweetheart, for decades. They have two beautiful children together.  They have experienced ups and downs throughout their time together.  Through it all, they have grown tremendously together as husband and wife and have come to learn some juicy secrets on what it takes to STAY married.

After years of counseling couples from all around the world with her husband, Trish M felt it was now time to release the book. Not just any book, but a book that would change and cultivate the minds of women from all around the world. She’s ready to take them from being mediocre, to being absolutely FABULOUS!

In this epic masterpiece, Trish M shares with women worldwide the yummy secrets to being…… The Fabulous Wife!