Fashion blog; / Jan 20, 2016

Blue Friday With Trish M

Hi Fabulous! Man…..I really love these big flowy tops! You probably can tell I love them too! lol! I actually have these in 4 different colors. I’ve already posted the one in red, turquoise, and now cobalt blue! I have an orange one as well, but I will wait until spring to wear that. We’ll see. Ladies, the trick to these tops is….you can’t have a big, wide top and also be wide at the bottom. If you do, it will look too boxy and big. So, I wore these skinny jeans so that I wouldn’t look wide all around! lol! Well, that’s my fashion secret for today. No matter what, always look and feel your best no matter what’s going on around you. You were created for such a time as this to help make a difference in the life of somebody else! Let’s make today Fabulous….on purpose! Let’s gooooooooo!! 🙂

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