Fashion blog; / Jan 14, 2016

Black Hat Friday

Hi Fabulous! So it’s a casual kind of Friday for me. I was out and about doing a little bit of Christmas shopping, and I began to just simply think what a blessing it is to be here and be able to give and be a blessing to others. So many people have gone on and are not able to enjoy the beauty of this thing called life. I challenge each of you to love the life that God has given you. When you wake up each day, that means that you have another opportunity to follow your heart, to pursue your dreams, to simply live and be a blessing to somebody else. Let’s not take that lightly y’all. We’re too blessed to be stressed! In all things, I’m sure we can find something to be thankful for! One….you’re still here reading this post! That’s cause for a praise right there! Love it!!
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